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Finding Meaning in a Meaningless Life

Do you sometimes think, "What's the point?" Do you become frustrated when you struggle to do the right thing while those around you, who are doing wrong, continue to succeed? Are you showing signs of aging and dreading the passing of the years? Have you ever questioned the meaning of life?

Well, you and Solomon (the author of Ecclesiastes) have something in common. Even though Solomon was one of the wealthiest, amazingly blessed, powerful leaders of his time he appears bitter and frustrated about how unfair life is and about his fleeting youth. He becomes sadly nostalgic regarding the life he might have missed out on and feels as though he is simply chasing after the wind through a life that is meaningless.

However, as you will discover, Solomon's dark observations on life will actually lead us to an understanding of what this life is all about and what is ultimately important.

Do you want to find meaning in life? This is the study for you!




$14.99 – 7 weeks

Bible Studies for Women

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“In Joyce's studies, she shows the reader how the books of the Old and New Testament are related, giving us a clearer understanding of what we read. By this we begin to see how it all relates to one work, the work of God through the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible.”
                                    - Bonnie Catalano, Executive Assistant to the Bishop,

                                      Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh

What Do You Really Want?

When you pray, do you know what you're really asking for? Do you feel you need a more effective prayer life? Then this is the study for you. 

What do you want? No, what do you really, really want? From     God, that is! If prayer is the answer, then what the heck is the question… the real question? Figuring out what you really, really want (and what God wants from you) is the essence of this study. Inside, we are going to look at seven different prayers, from the “Uncertain Prayer” to the “Perfect Prayer,” and everything in between. These prayers are taken from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In other words, they are stories about people who took their prayers directly to Jesus Christ while He was still here on earth. However, often what these people thought they wanted and what they really wanted, deep inside, were two different things. Understanding what these seven people were really asking/praying for, and coming to terms with what Christ was asking of them, will help you not only have a better prayer life and a closer relationship with God, but will also help you determine what you really, really want!




$14.99 – 7 weeks

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“I have used this study in my prison ministry and highly endorse it. Many of the women have said how much they enjoyed it. Though simply written for easy presentation, it is both informative and instructional. I’m certain many will gain from using it for years to come.”
                                    - Mary L. McCollum, Bible Study Teacher at

                                      Greene County, PA Prison for Female Inmates

The Whole

Armor of God

Are you Spiritually prepared to take up your sword and fight the enemy?

Ladies – Are you looking for the perfect “killer” outfit? If so, consider putting on the Armor of God! Each day we head out into the world, looking good perhaps, but not giving a second thought to the dangers that await us, not the dangers we can see, but the dangers we cannot see. This study will show you how to spiritually clothe yourself for the battle that surrounds you: the battle between good and evil. Read and learn how to put on The Whole Armor of God, from the Helmet of Salvation to the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace and everything in between, each and every day! Putting on the Armor of God will prepare you to fight the enemy and become the Superhero God intended you to be. It is your perfect “dress for success” outfit!




$13.99 – 6 weeks

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“Joyce has spent many years in relational ministry, first with youth and now with women. As a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, she has shared her faith journey with a countless number of women. She combines her story telling ability with her desire for people to know Jesus in The Whole Armor of God. It will bolster your faith and enable you to live your life courageously, fully armored.”
                             - Jane Althoff, Stonecroft Regional Administrator

Leader’s Guide

Answers and commentary you will need for The Whole Armor of God

If you are planning a group study using The Whole Armor of God, you will need a Leader’s Guide. With answers and helpful tidbits from the author, this Guide will give you direction to help you lead your group study. The Guide features the same questions as the study, with answers written in red.





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